benefits of having twins

By Ease Parenting

August 29, 2016

I have 2 twin boys, Reyansh and Rivansh. Many people ask me about advantages asnd disadvantages of having twins. Being a positive baby loving person, I do not see any disadvantage, but yes, surely there are lots of advantages. I would like to share few of them:

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1) My wife had to go through a single pregnancy, but we ended up with two children.

2) When I am holding their hands in each of my hands or playing with them by being sandwiched between, these moments are magical.

3) Since both are growing up together, it is easy to bring them up. Twins go through the same stages of development which makes it a lot easier for us.

4) They have a perfect partner with them all the time. Perfect Friend who looks same, who is same age and they are very close to each other.

5) Even though I have identical twins, they are not exactly similar. It is fun to see how similar, yet how different and unique both of them are

6) I am in the elite group, being a father of twin. I enjoy the curiosity people have when they ask question about my twins, when they see them.

7) They learn sharing by birth. It comes easy to twins. They are actually forced to share since they were born.

8) One fun fact - Birthday parties are expensive now a days, I celebrate three in one. My wife's birthday fall on the same day ;) .

If you are also parents of twins, do share your interesting stories or comments here.

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