My daughter is my real treasure!

By Rishikesh Ranga

September 03, 2016

I still remember that nightmare me and my wife went through when we were at a resort in mumbai and how due to a confusion created we were separated from our daughter Yukta for a few minutes. Those few minutes were the biggest nightmare of our lives.

It was like someone had just removed our souls from our bodies. Me and my wife were literally shivering when we couldn't trace our daughter for a minute and suddenly we heard her calling "mumma, mumma" and thankfully one senior lady had held yukta with her asking her where her parents were.

We are fortunate and we thanked God and that lady who in the face of God had come to our rescue. I humbly suggest all parents to take care and be with their children when they are moving out in large groups for parties or functions. A learning for us as parents is to  train our children about our real names and make them by heart either of our mobile numbers and residence address. Such a thing may be helpful in cases of an emergency. 

Truly it's not the wealth you earn that's your treasure but your children who mean the world to you..



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