Simple ways to be a Fantastic Dad

By Rishikesh Ranga

August 30, 2016

As a father, I always think what is the best way to give my daugher a perfect upbringing. But, parenting is not a task that can be made perfect, but we can learn and enjoy every moment of it. I, being a father, learn new things from my daughter every day, that makes me a fanstastic dad. Here are few things, that I wanted to share with my fellow parents:

Let them fly - Don't do this, don't go there, don't eat this, don't watch this. Too many don'ts right? When a child is growing, we put a pile of donts on them. Kids seek independence. Teach them being responsibe and give them the thoughtful liberty that they deserve and can handle. Giving children responsibility is good for their self-esteem (and your ease!).

Don't be a super dad, just a dad would do -  Give young young ones a chance to find their own paths and solutions to problems. We as parents, generally don't want to see our kids struggling with anything. If these are minor things, let them handle. Do not rush immediately in to help them, rather teach them self-reliance.

When discipline is not punishment -  Enforcing limits is really about teaching kids how to behave in the world and helping them to become competent, caring, and in control.

Pick your ground - I sometimes wonder, why as parents, we get into arguements with our kids on little things which actually do not make sense. It is difficult for kids to absorb too many rules and regulations. Be a more liberal parent and stop arguing about stuff like clothes and games choices. Focus on the things that really matter.

Read books together every day -  Greatest gift you can give to your babies is to inculcate habit of reading. Reading exposes the kids to have a broader thinking and understanding of different perspectives.  Babies love listening to their parents' voices. Cuddling up and reading a book for your kid is a great bonding experience that will influence them to read more as they grow.

Respect differences - Support your wife's approach to raising kids, she knows what she is doing . Arguing with your better half in front of the kids, will let your child question the sense of security, family and emotions.

Cherish the moments - Yeah, you dont like kids painting on walls, or all the stuff that is spread on the floor and you sometimes get slipped, your house is a mess, clothes and toys all around. But this makes your kid happy, they laugh and enjoy during these moments. Remember, it will be over soon as they grow up, so cherish them instead of shouting on same things again.

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