10 ways to stop your child being a couch potato

By Lovish Bishnoi

September 03, 2016

What's that ? Could be the very first question after reading the title in every guardian's mind atleast . By the beginning of  the 21st century the interest of young generation has been drastically diverted towards that “Idiot box” ( and its relatives ) . Couch potato, a kind of disease so light that people take it for granted, as sitting in front of a T.V continuously for longest hours possible is not that harmfull right , absolutely wrong.


Still no clue , okay then let's simplify it for you through a short story .

On a bright and beautiful sunday a family decides to organize a get together , So mom decides to cook something good but dad has already planned that the celebration will be considered incomplete if the food is cooked at home. Thus , he asked his 12 year old boy to convey mom not to cook food , but to send the invites and went away to arrange the feast.

Suddenly mom changes her mind and orders the food by herself. In the evening everybody gets awfully surprised why? Because for the party with guest strength of thirty they managed to assembled dinner for around sixty to seventy people and believe it or not no one was there to eat the food . How? The twist here is when dad told the boy to convey his mom not to cook because he is going outside to buy food , boy was totally lost inside the virtual world of “Television” to the extent that he never noticed his dad and of course wasn't able to tell his mom anything.


So, How can we overcome these dilemmas is quite hard to answer though, but actually it depends on the parents that whether they want their kid to be imaginative or just another person who believes in fiction rather than being real.

 So let's just try n find answers to the only question

How to prevent your kid from watching too much T.V ?


1. Should try it on yourself first, after all that's your child and will try to imitate you in his/her novice times of age.


2. Introduce them to less fictional and quite an open friend of theirs called “Books”.


3. Try to introduce them to people ( neighbours, relatives ) , let them interact with more and more individuals , this definitely will lure them to be open and friendly and yes of course will help them in their future times.


4. Introduce them to the games which actually can prepare them mentally and physically as well. Example : chess not virtually , also several physical games.


5. Try and organize trips more often. If not far than atleast to nearby good places . Yes , of course the hardest thing to even think about these days, but a good time spent away from home atleast twice or thrice a year won't harm you but will give your child more time to actually think the possible.


6. Learn about your child or about his/her interests , than actually groom those interests . Activities like painting, music, crafts or even cooking  can help them grow in individuals who know that if they fly of a six storey building they will fall to the ground rather than fly away like superman.


7. You can actually send them to either just summer time or full time play schools where they actually get to learn a lot and it gets easier for them to interact to the real world.


8. Create an environment around a kid which leans him more towards the good side of technology rather than bad side. Example , If you are planning to buy a gaming console this birthday rather gift them a book reading console and do keep a watch on how much time they spend on that .


9. Talk to them in your leisure time or especially keep them more close to their grandparents.


10. Get a pet for your kids  , give your kids another thing to bind with and open the doors for them to learn the lessons of caring and responsibility.


Yes of course most of the suggestions are time consuming and even are exhausting for some parents but the future of your child is at stake, i think that is enough to boost you up.


Why we are insisting on this TV thing so much because the content these days on air is causing drastic behavioural changes , kids are fantasising things rather than thinking about them in a more realistic way. Fiction stories are good as it seeds great new ideas to a developing brain, but  instead of getting patiently enthusiast kids more often get aggressive about it. It depends on parent how they mould their learnings in right way . 


To summarize, “Physical bruises are easy to mend rather than the mental ones”.

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