Explore Creativity In Your Kids - Develop Child Creativity

By Garima Baluni

September 03, 2016

We all are born with some or the other in-built quality/talent, we might be good at something that the person may not be or vice versa. We have been hearing that talent which we have is a god gift to us. So does that mean we cannot learn new things or talent? Well some of us may agree or disagree on this but the fact is the talent which we do not have can be learnt provided we are willing to learn and practice it.

Same goes with children too, many parents think that if their kid is not good with drawing, he or she may never learn it or parents just ignore it without giving it a thought that their child can learn new things provided they are given that opportunity.

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A very important aspect of creating an interest of a kid in a particular activity would be his/her parents’ involvement and encouragement to the child to do more of it. Just sending your child to an art class will not be sufficient, as a parent it is our responsibility to see what is that our kid has learnt today and also helping him or her with those activities.

Many a times we see parents complaining or saying we haven’t got that opportunity in our times and we do not possess any knowledge of that activity. Well that will not help your child to grow, we may not know things but we can learn them as well along with our children and just by involving ourselves with our kids will be more than enough, it will not matter if you know it or no.

Art is the very best way to develop a creative mind, because in arts there are no rules or regulations it’s just how much you can imagine, how well you can represent your imagination on a sheet of paper and how well you observe, store and remember the minute details of the scenario.

Thus at very small age itself foster that creativity and imagination in your child. Let us see in below points how we can help our children to be creative and imaginative through art which will further help them in their personal and mental growth:

  • Encourage the child to observe: By the age of 8 it is said that kids develop most of their brain. Hence from an early age we as a parent need to start developing our kids mind. A kid may not know the meaning or the purpose of many things, for example how an engine starts, or how and with what material the idols of gods are made up of, or how the food is cooked and many such other things which we do in our life, probably we can imbibe those interest in them by involving them or showing them the process and purpose of things we do.


Once the kid starts developing the observing power, he or she will come up with more questions or will be more curious to know about things. Now once the child develops that skill, tell him/her to put his thought or whatever he has understood in the form of drawing.

In this way the child starts recalling things he has seen and he has understood, indirectly or directly the kid is developing his/her imagination power.


  •  Give the child different art materials: Do not limit your child with a colour pencil box, limited materials would restrict a child to enhance his imagination and if the child has different materials with him/her, he/she may go beyond their imagination too. Also if the child can be provided with a separate room then that will help child not get diverted towards other things. This exercise is to just make child realise what he can do different from various art materials and how he can represent one thing in different ways. This will help a child do start developing interest in arts.


  • Encourage them to put words into pictures: Induce a habit in your child to whatever he reads, whether it is a story or a poem, imagine the same and put that imagination in the form of art. By this exercise your child will be more attentive to the stories he reads or poem he remember. Then you can ask your child to review the same and if he could cover all the things of the story or poem.


  • Do not confine a child imagination: Let the child draw or paint whatever he/she likes to irrespective of whether that drawing has any relevance or no, because we may not know what is going on their mind. Never ever tell a child to draw something of your choice (Unless he is grown up enough), let them do the thinking and praise them for their drawing.


  • Inspire the child to participate in arts: There are lot of arts competition either in schools or societies or clubs or any such competition, make sure you let your child to participate in these competition, it is nothing to do with winning the prizes, it is just to motivate him or her to regularly participate and build that confidence that he or she can draw or paint well.


  • Be care free what your kids draw: Never ever be in that mode to see what the kid has drawn just see what the purpose was to make that drawing, what was going on while making that art, has his imagination matches with his drawing. This way you will be able to understand his level of imagination and what is going on his mind.


  • By no means compensate your children for their art: Encourage, motivate and praise your kids for their imagination through drawings and paintings, this will give them a sense of acknowledgement for their work. However never compensate or reward them as they would then focus on rewards rather than what next they can draw or paint. This is only being a hindrance to your child’s growth.


Indulging kids in these activities make our children content and happy, so let us help our children to be best and help them in their growth. Let us not restrict our children as per our knowledge; there can be things which probably our kids can teach us.

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